Hello, I’m

Hervé Widmer

Currently SAP Business Analyst at Bell I am in charge of QM and PP modules. My mission is to analyze business needs and implement them in SAP.

  • Highly motivated with strong problem solving skills.
  • High knowledge in the areas of automotive processes.
  • Experience in implementing sales solutions.

Who am I

41 years old I am married and happy father of 3 children. Dynamic and motivated I know how to adapt. I am able to adapt to all professional environments. I can communicate in multiple ways in 3 languages. I am passionate and I like to follow through on projects that fascinate me.

Here are some examples from my personal life:

  • Aquarium: Mr Récif Captif project with a website, a YouTube channel … which is today a reference in France.
  • Firemen: I am a volunteer chief sergeant and participate in the training of the JSP.
  • 3D printing: Modeling and production of plastic objects.

Curious about everything I am interested as much in technique as in marketing with the objective of always sharing knowledge.


SAP Business Junior Analyst at Bell (CH)

  • Processing of business requirements in the SAP-ERP ECC6,0 area QM and PP
    • Record the business requirements with the department
    • Creation of the technical specifications
    • Partial implementation of the associated IT requirements in customizing
    • Transfer of the implemented requirements to the department
  • Processing of error messages in the modules QM and PP
    • Analyze the messages
    • Fix the errors 
    • Creating a solution
  • General tasks
    • Coordinating the handover of developments with external patrons
    • Creation of documentation in SAP ERP
    • Support the department in testing the business requirements

Head of aquaculture department

  • Establishment of livestock infrastructure
  • Establishment of control protocols
  • Establishment of the acclimatization protocol
  • Population monitoring
  • Continuous improvement

SAP PP MM consultant at Allgeier Midmarket Services GmbH (D) for the

Mercedes Benz customer (temporary project)

  • Implementation of the SAP Production module (PP)
  • Creation of technical documentation
  • Support for the production of the PP
  • Post-commissioning support: root cause analysis and rapid problem resolution
  • Documentation and user training

SAP Consultant at Ciber Managed Services, Freiburg
(the company was acquired by Allgeier Midmarket Services GmbH)

  • Consultant for SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C)
  • Change management consultant for the installation of Mainta (Industrial maintenance software)
  • Client demo and installation of Qlick Sense and Qlick View software
  • Youtube Ciber France Channel – creation and administration
  • SAP installation at Mercedes Benz

Internal SAP SD consultant at Tally Weijl (CH)

  • Management and support of the transition from Columbus ERP to SAP
  • Sale prices and special offers
  • Creation of specifications: categorization and processing of Consumer needs
  • Running tests and deployments
  • Further development and optimization of processes
  • IT Delivery Manager
  • Team management of 8 employees
  • Implementation of monitoring and alert process by installing $ Universe and Service Now
  • Implementation and monitoring of Oracle SQL Script

Project Manager SAP at Actif Solution Alcatel Lucent, Strasbourg (F)

  • System changes in different subsidiaries
  • Conversion of the Slovak subsidiary to the euro
  • Implementation of new taxes

Microsoft Dynamix AX consultant in X ++ language at Sopra Group

  • Installation of Dynamix AX at customer Rector Lesage, Mulhouse
  • Master data management
  • Establishment and administration of roles, rights, basic data
  • Creation of specifications
  • Categorization and processing of
    Consumer needs
  • New developments according to customer needs
  • Execution of specific tests
  • Management of production repairs

Supply Chain Manager at L’Amy (F)

  • Analysis of sales hysterics
  • Establishment of projections
  • Purchase and follow-up of deliveries
  • Stock optimization

End of mission to join my wife and move.

Apprenticeship Industrial project manager

  • Design of an automated stamping line
  • Securing and compliance of presses


  • CAP BEP tooling for shaping materials specialization stamping
  • BAC PRO tools for shaping materials specialization forging
  • BTP Shaping of cast alloys


Service now


  • Master specialised
    ERP project management
  • Mastery
    Management of production and industrial projects
  • BTS
    Shaping of cast alloys
  • BAC Pro
    Tooling for shaping materials
    Tooling for shaping materials


Hervé Widmer
16 rue du bollenberg
68127 Niederentzen (France)


herve (at)